FIX: WiFi Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10, 11 (5 Best Ways)

Fix wifi keeps disconnecting issue

Is your Windows PC having Wifi connectivity issues and getting disconnected frequently? Many Windows users are reporting this issue, especially after they upgraded the OS. One of the main reasons for this error is the old Wifi driver, or Windows, is turning the network driver off. This error can be annoying if your work is … Read more

How to Fix Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair Your Windows 10 PC

Fix automatic repair error on Windows 10

Windows operating system is the best one, but still, it has so many issues. Because of this, many users switch to Mac OS even though it doesn’t offer the same customization, but it is more user-friendly. There is an in-built troubleshooter in Windows that helps you to get rid of the problems automatically. Windows system … Read more

How to Enable Stereo Mix in Windows 10

How to Enable Stereo Mix in Windows 10

Want to record something on Windows 10 with the original sound quality? Then enable the stereo mix tool on your computer. Stereo Mix allows you to record the yield stream, like live-streaming sounds, communicating radio, and more. The Stereo mix comes as a default for some of the sound cards, but Windows 10 users need … Read more

How to Reinstall Store & Other Preinstalled Apps in Windows 10

How to Reinstall Store & Other Preinstalled Apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many in-built apps from that not all are useful, so most of them uninstall those apps. These pre-installed apps can be uninstalled manually by using the settings app or can use PowerShell app. Now, the question is how to get those apps back? If you have accidentally removed the Microsoft store … Read more

How to Fix .exe Files not Opening in Windows 10

Fix .exe Files not Opening in Windows 10

A .exe is a common filename extension that denotes an executable file for Windows. Sometimes, opening a .exe file on Windows can become difficult for different reasons. Although not all users face this problem while opening the file, some users report nothing. Few users receive error messages when they open the file; the message reads … Read more

How to Fix Skype Not Opening on Windows 10 PC

Fix Skype not opening on Windows 10

Skype is a popular telecommunication app with which you can make a video chat and voice calls on your computers. You can also use this app on tablets, mobile, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In addition, this app also provides instant messaging services. Although this app works properly, there are some instances when … Read more

How To Download and Install Safari Browser On Windows 10

Run Safari Browser On Windows 10

There are different types of web browsers available for every platform. However, Safari is one of the most popular browsers by Apple. It is Apple’s proprietary web browser, and it exclusively works with Apple products only. On all Apple devices, Safari is the default browser, even though most prefer to use Chrome. If you were … Read more

How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

How to Re-Install Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is a new default web browser that has replaced Internet Explorer for Windows. Edge browser is also available for Android, iOS, and macOS devices. This new browser is a lightweight and super-fast browser. It protects you against malware or any other cyber-attacks or anything bad that happens. Nothing is perfect; even Microsoft Edge … Read more