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Best FPS Counter software Windows 11

5 Best FPS Counter Software for Windows 11 in 2021

Whenever you are playing any game, FPS (Frames Per Second) matters the most. So if you are a gamer, then you will know the...

6 Best Windows 11 Themes and Skins to Download Free in 2021

Microsoft is gearing up to release its new operating system Windows 11. The new OS brings new features and improvements as compared to Windows...
Best Free Macro Recorder Tools

10 Best Free Macro Recorder Tools for Windows 10, 11 in 2021

While working on a computer, there are times when you need to repeat the same work again and again. Sometimes, it becomes hard to...
Best terminal emulators for Windows 10

10 Best Terminal Emulators for Windows 10, 11 PC (2021)

The emulators that are used in recent times are more advanced. Earlier, the emulators were just used for controlling text commands. The developers use...

10 Best Free Karaoke Software for Windows PC

Karaoke software provides you lyrics of the song on a separate screen, and you can sing a song with the backgrounds music. This means...
Music making software for PC

10 Best Music Making Software for Windows PC (2021)

In this era of technology, everything has become easier these days. Everything can be done on your smartphone or PC with the help of...
10 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software for Windows 10, 11

10 Best Free Offline Dictionary Software for Windows 10, 11

The Internet has made everything is easy. No matter what questions you have, you can ask Google to answer them. Even the dictionaries are...
List of Free Typing Software for PC

10 Best Free Typing Software for Windows 10 (2021)

In the era of Google Now, Siri, Cortona, most people have shifted to voice search instead of text-based search. So, they think that typing...