10 Best Screen Recorder for Windows 11 PC

Do you want to record your screen smoothly? Because many content creators face screen dullness and lag problems when they record screens or live streams. If you are one of them, let’s try our curated list of Best Screen Recorder for Windows 11.

It is quite true screen recording videos add significant value to audiences. Many content creator records screen to add commentary and describe a particular topic to make it more beneficial for the users.

But all your effort will be wasted while recording the screen if you use those problematic applications. Better to use this application from the list.

Best Screen Recorder for Windows 11/10

For Windows users, there are many screen recorders are available in the market. But you have to end with the smooth recording issue. Try out these free windows 11 screen recorders.

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

apowersoft screen recorder

One of the most popular on the list here’s Apowersoft Screen Recorder, which can help you record your screen efficiently. You can download the application on your Windows 11 machine. Otherwise, you use its web-app tool.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is very compatible with live stream recording and tutorial recording. With its simple user interface, it’s much easier to record your screen. Most importantly, the application supports almost every popular video format to export.

2. Camtasia


If you are concerned about screen recording and editing simultaneously? Then Camtasia is the application that can meet your needs. Using Camtasia’s multiple recording feature, you can record the whole screen or in any particular area on the screen.

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You also have many editing tools inside the application to make your videos more instructional. Camtasia has different cursor effects. Moreover, you can use its video template and effects.

3. Windows 11 Game Bar (Xbox Game Bar)

windows game bar

If you want a simple screen video recording without many features, then Microsoft won’t go you alone. Even if you don’t want to download any third-party application, Game Bar is the perfect solution for you.

You can record any application available on your PC except the file manager. In addition, to take screenshots, you can use the app. The best thing about the Xbox Game Bar is watermarked and ad-free.

You can download the application from the Microsoft store. The Windows 11 Game bar or Xbox Game Bar comes with Windows 11.

4. Flashback Express

flashback express

Flashback Express is one of the popular and functional screen recording applications for Windows 11. Needless to say, the application is free-to-use and ad-free.

Multi-monitor screen recording is one key highlight of the application. The feature-rich screen recording application allows for watermarked free video export. Even you can share recorded videos directly on YouTube.

Enjoy Flashback Express for unlimited recording without paying a single penny.

5. OBS

obs download

OBS is another considerable and top-rated screen recording application for Windows 11. This screen recording application has many innovative features to make your screen recording more effective.

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Besides screen recording, you can use a dedicated OBS Studio for live streaming. This application can add text, images, capture cards, and many more. The open-source application also allows customizing video and audio settings independently.

6. ShareX

sharex download

Next on the list, here’s ShareX, another open-source screen recording application to use on the Windows system. If you take a screenshot of the screen, ShareX can also help to take it.

ShareX is compatible with making GIF format screen recording videos, and it can be shared directly on social media applications directly from ShareX. Moreover, all other required features are available in the application, except the webcam recording.

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Besides, you will get a video converter tool, thumbnail, and image editing tools.

7. Bandicam


Are you a gamer? Are you doing live streaming of your gameplay? Then we brought Bandicam for you, a dedicated screen recorder application for gamers. You can also record tutorial-type videos as well.

The ability to record a video in 4K UHD resolution at up to 144 FPS makes the app more competitive than any other. Another highlighting feature is the ability to compress a video.

8. Streamlabs OBS

Another pretty useful screen recorder application for Windows users. Streamlabs OBS is quite easy-to-understand and use in comparison to OBS applications.

Streamlabs OBS is a very handy application for recording and live streaming. Like any other application, here you can also find customizable features. You can add custom watermarks to the videos.

If you want to record unlimited video without a buck? Then Streamlabs OBS can be an ideal choice.

9. Free Cam

free cam

Ads always create a distraction in between work. That is why we are presenting to you the Free Cam screen recording application, which is ad-free and free-to-use.

It has a lot of audio effects that can help you to avoid shaky noise and background sounds. Free Cam has a very simple user interface. Anyone can run the application effortlessly on the first try. All you have to do is select the particular area on the screen to record.

10. CamStudio

CamStudio is the last on the list. CamStudio is very similar to Free Cam because CamStudio is a beginner-level application. You can’t manage recording and editing simultaneously.

If you want a simple and short screen recording, then CamStudio is a very useful application. All recording files will be saved in AVI format, later, you can convert them into another format. In addition, CamStudio supports webcam and microphones.

Final Words

Many people face many problems while recording on their PC. But the problem varies from application to application and device to device. If you use any of these applications from our free screen recorders list, you will experience smooth screen recording.

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