10 Best Windows 10 Themes or Skins You Can Apply Once in 2022

Windows 10 already has some beautiful themes to use in rotation. If someone like to personalize the visual appearance of Windows. Therefore, they can download them from other sources. Windows have limited resources to customize compared to Linux, especially in terms of themes and skins.

Even though its limitation, we have found some best windows 10 themes and skins that you can apply to express the appearance differently. Thus, it will bring a vibrant look to the visual appearance and allow customizing many objects, such as the mouse, cursor, icon, and even the folder.

Best Windows 10 Theme & Skins

Plenty of official and unofficial themes are available on the internet. But all of them might not work for you in the first place. Here’s why we sorted out the top cool windows themes and skins, which will provide an excellent visual appearance.

1. macOS Monterey

macOS monetery

In the beginning, we have macOS Monterey which can provide classic and latest macOS visuals. It is not surprising that macOS looks differently beautiful than Windows. If you use this theme in your Windows system, few can tell you whether you are using macOS or Windows.

However, the theme won’t leave you alone with visual appearance, but it also provides some expressive features as well. It has a search bar on top of the screen, animated icons, a Mac-style twist on File Explorer, a new control panel, a picture-in-picture video player, and a launchpad. Moreover, it has dark and light mode facilities too.

2. Cake OS


If you are looking for something neon style colorful and cheerful theme, then we have CakeOS on the list of free windows 10 skins. It provides the impression of retro, thus it is almost incomparable with other themes.

Using this theme, you have the full liberty to customize it according to your preference. Furthermore, it has significant icons and buttons. Most importantly, it has a great library of wallpaper. Even it provides a dedicated dark mode option.

3. ArcX

arcx theme

ArcX is really fantastic theme to use on the Windows system. The impressive theme is coming with a minimal white and black color combination, which makes it stand out from others.

Since the ArcX is customizable, you can arrange your things accordingly. Its extensive icon packs are one of the major elements of the theme. Overall, it an impressive to use on Windows.

4. Flattastic


It is a flat theme, as its name suggests, Flattastic. Right after the ArcX, Flattastic is another minimalist theme that can offer a simple and authentic visual in the first place.

Most importantly, it has 16 different versions to use. Out of 16 variants, 8 versions of Flattastic light themes and another 8 are coming with dark themes. It means you have many options to choose from.

5. Star Wars Themes

star wars windows theme

Who doesn’t know about Star Wars and its legacy? I guess everyone does, and we dedicate this theme to all hardcore Star War fans. It will fulfill the Star Wars concept.

The major highlight of the theme is its HD wallpaper related to Star Wars. The only drawback is that it has not a lot of customizations feature. But it is really easy to install and use.

6. Vanilla Theme

vanilla theme

Vanilla would be a nice pickup if you love angry birds. Along with the silky design, the theme provides a borderless experience, quite different from others.

Other than that, you can customize its wallpaper conveniently. Moreover, the theme is super simple to download and install. And finally, an excellent theme that changes the overall look of Windows 10.

7. Windows XP

windows xp theme

Windows XP doesn’t require any specific intro. It is one of the most loved Windows themes that ever existed and the best theme of all time. If you want to taste that nostalgia theme again in Windows 10, then we got you covered.

You have to download the open shell first before anything else to taste the XP visual again. Open shell offer necessary customization tools for windows. Then, you have to install Classic Shell XP suite for Windows 10 to get the Windows XP looks.

8. Ubuntu Skin Pack

Ubuntu Skin Pack

Just like the macOS theme, Ubuntu Skin Pack is another theme that anyone would love to visualize the Ubuntu operating system theme in Windows. The theme will provide an edge-to-edge seamless Ubuntu experience.

One of the funniest matters is that Ubuntu Skin Pack is fully customizable, like other operating systems. You can change colors, mouse gestures, cursor, and shortcuts. Interestingly, it brings a superb visual experience with a refreshing.

9. Simplify


Simplify is one of the best Windows 10 themes that you can use. It is widely regarded for its aesthetics and minimalist appearance. Since it has minimum clutter, it will boost productivity.

Additionally, it has 5 more impressive themes which bring different visuals such as the colorful pack, light pack, dark pack, and maverick pack. Moreover, the theme is easy to use. Furthermore, it is a vibrant theme to apply once.

10. GreyEve Theme: Windows 10 Dark Theme

greyeve theme

In the end, we have the GreyEve theme, which is considered one of the popular themes for Windows systems. As its name suggests, the GreyEve provides a dark shade visual. Being a completely dark theme, it prevents eyestrain, which is an additional point.

No wonder few apps may look different, as it highly contrasting themes. To get the theme on your Windows 10, download the file. And keep it in this following path.


Now select the theme from the setting to use.

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Final Words

That’s wrapped up – use one of the best Windows 10 themes and skin above and see how it looks on your Windows 10 system. As all mentioned themes define unique objects. Therefore, which one is your favorite, let me know in the comment section.

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