10 Best Windows 11 Widgets & Gadgets to Stay Up Dated

Windows 11 Widget makes your windows more attractive and vivid. Thanks to Windows 11 intuitive and expressive widget panel after the significant changes in the newer version. However, the Widget panel is one of the key update features of Windows 11.

Windows don’t support third-party widgets until now (Maybe support shortly), but its inbuilt widget is well enough. AI-based widgets perfectly embraced the new OS to bring creative customizable feeds.

It is worth peeking at the widget for information without opening particular apps. Thus we have the best Windows 11 Widget and gadget that you can use free of cost.

Best Windows 11 Widgets & Gadgets

The widget panel is widely acknowledged in Windows 10. In the latest version, Microsoft has done superb work. Plenty of Microsoft widgets are available that you can use right now. Let’s see the best free Windows 11 widget & gadget.

1. Weather

weather windows 11 widget

Weather forecasting is one of the useful features that any device has. It helps to make a quick plan to reduce weather-related losses and issues. Weather forecast is easier to access in Windows 11 as we can use it in the Windows 11 widget panel.

From the real-time weather condition to weather forecasting for the next three days, all are freely available on this free widget. Since it is customizable, you can use it between the widget panel. It redirects you to the web browser for more details about weather conditions.

2. Photos

photos windows 11 widget

Do you want to see your favorite photos in just a click without opening a dedicated app? Then you can view your photos in the latest Windows 11 widget panel. The widget automatically fetches your photos directly from OneDrive to show you.

The photo widget arranges your photos in small and medium sizes according to the display area allocated for the widget. Hence, you can customize it according to your preference.

3. Outlook Calendar

outlook calendar windows widget

The Windows 11 Calendar widget has got a wonderful look in the widget section. It changes looks depending on the theme you are using.

You can use it to make a daily plan within a minute. You can schedule any task and prepare for an upcoming big occasion as we do with any standalone app. The widget improves productivity if you use it on your widget panel.

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4. Stock Market Watchlist

watchlist widget

I think the stock market watchlist widget is one of the coolest features in the Windows 11 widget panel for market researchers, professionals, and amateur investors. It provides real-time stock graphs and performance.

If you want to take care of any specific stock, then you customize it to see the ups and down at a glance. Moreover, it provides cryptocurrency prices in the same widget. Using the widget any crypto investor takes benefits them.

5. Tips

tips windows 11 widget

Since Windows 11 has a new look, interface, and visuals, you probably need some tips to run it smoothly. Here is the tips widget that comes into the picture.

The tips widget is in your palm to get a bunch of brief information about Windows 11 and its products daily. Sometimes, it provides hidden features you will love to know to improve your Windows 11 experience.

6. Sports

sports widget

Another significant Windows 11 widget for sports lovers. You can get scoreboards and featured matches from all big sports events.

The sports widget allows us to select any sports we want. You can select NBA, MSL, UEFA Champion League, Premier League, and even other popular sports are also available. However, you can also follow up on the upcoming football world cup.

7. Entertainment

We have covered productivity, stocks, tips, sports, and calendars. Now we have the entertainment Window 11 widget to showcase what is happening around the world of entertainment.

It will provide information about all popular series, TV shows, and movies worldwide. Depending on what you love to see, the widget will provide you with the same thing. The widget is helpful for entertainment seekers.

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8. Desktop Gadget

desktop gadget

Firstly, Desktop Gadget is not part of the Windows 11 widget. Secondly, it is a standalone app that is freely available on the Microsoft Store – the paid version provides more significant widgets for the desktop.

Using the app, you may have many desktop widgets, like a calendar, classic or digital clock, notes, currency converter, and many other things. I use the app personally to use the calendar in front of me.

9. Traffic

windows 11 traffic widget

Traffic is another important widget for all of us. It helps to plan a comfortable road journey with minimum traffic. Whereas the widget provides all detailed information about traffic conditions.

All you have to do is turn on the location so that the traffic widget can fetch adequate traffic data for you. The best part of the widget is that it can select any road you want.

10. To Do

to do windows 11 widget

Last, we have another productivity widget, the Windows 11 To Do widget. The widget will be associated with the Microsoft To-Do app. It is really useful to see what you planned for the day at a glance.

Moreover, you can add any task from the widget and even tick the complete task. Overall, the widget will give more clarity about the day.

Final Words

Signing off – these are the best windows 11 widgets and gadgets you need to know. You can use it to boost the clarity of any topic without opening an app. Let me know in the comment which widget you will add after reading this.

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