10 Best Free Video Editors for Windows 11 (2022)

Good visually effective video content is much more informative than any other. A video editing app is super important to turn a simple recorded video into a masterpiece using effects, audio, and themes. Currently, video editing tools are in peak demand because of the rise of video content over the year.

Using the Windows system, compromising video quality is stupidity, while we have many free video editors for windows. Out of many video editors, we arranged Best Free Video Editor for Windows 11. If you are starting video editing in your Windows 11, this video editing software can simply finish the job.

Best Free Video Editors for Windows 11

Here, we have served Windows 11 free video editor, which can save you hundreds of bucks and time to find the best one for your requirement.

1. Open Shot

openshot video editor

You can try the Open Shot if you want to edit your videos in Windows 11. Open Shot is an open-source video editing tool that can meet all of your editing requirements. Its drag-and-drop feature helps to edit videos faster.

You can use its customizable template on your videos. Using its animation feature, you can add animation to your project. Besides, you can do all basic tasks such as trimming, cutting, cropping, and adding videos. Its easy-to-understand interface can be a huge advantage for beginners.

2. DaVinci Resolve

davinci resolve

Do you want to edit your videos on 8K quality with color correction? Then nobody can fit beside the DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve has many useful editing features such as Multicam editor, chroma key, and graphics.

It provides a wide range of auto-editing intelligence. Trimming and cropping all basic tasks will be done in a minute. Otherwise, you can create a professional-type movie using DaVinci Resolve, but this may require a prior skill. DaVinci Resolve is available for free and paid.

3. Adobe Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Rush is one of the best and top-rated video editing apps for Windows users. You can edit a video like a professional in a short span of time.

Adobe Rush comes with a bunch of editing templates to use. You can add transition with simple drag and drop. Adjusting the speed of a video is quite easy to do. Furthermore, you can also put audio on it.

4. Filmora


Who does not know about Filmora? One of the popular video editing software is available for use. It provides you with many editing features to satisfy your editing needs.

It has filters, effects, mosaics, face-offs, overlays, and transitions along with trimming, merging, and cropping. You can also use its 330 video effects on your project.

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Filmora is not free at all. You can get the trial version. Otherwise, you have to pay little to use the exclusive Filmora.

5. Clipchamp


Another popular and widely known free video editor for Windows. Clinchamps’ intuitive editing tool allows you to trim, crop, and merge a video. You can use all transitions and filters.

Besides all essential features, you can also use its stock footage library to make a video more appealing. Moreover, the text-to-speech generator feature will save you time. You can add a logo and watermark inside a video. Overall, a very good editing tool to use.

6. Lightworks


Continuing its 25 years of legacy, Lightworks provides all essential basic and advanced tools. Lightworks has a very simple UI and options to customize it accordingly.

Along with editing capabilities, Lightworks claims that it has Hollywood-type editing quality. You can edit and render a video simultaneously. Moreover, a large number of stock images are available to use. Although, Lightworks can be a good choice without a penny.

7. Canva


You can use this web tool or download its Windows version independently for free. Without zero editing knowledge and experience, you can create an eye-catching video using its vast number of templates.

Canva primarily uses for graphic design. But its video editing capability is not far from any other tools. Canva contains filters, effects, fonts, stock images and videos, and ready-made graphics. Canva is an excellent tool to start.

8. VideoPad


Video Pad is another useful editing software for free use. All necessary editing tools are available inside the VideoPad. Through its video timeline, cropping, merging, and trimming become easier.

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Using its transitions, you can add a shot with another shot to make a video more lively. Furthermore, 3D video editing is available in the application. Other stuff, such as adding text, overlays, and effects, are also convenient to use in a video.

9. Visme

visme editor

Another terrific video editing tool on our list. Visme is very similar to Canva. You can edit or create a video using its templates. All you have to do is drag and drop the right element in the right position.

Again, Visme is very good for corporate use because you can edit a video and collaborate with your team simultaneously. In addition, it will help you to create beautiful cover designs and book covers. Infographic content can produce efficiently with Visme.

10. HitFlim Express

hitfilm express

HitFlim Express is the last free windows video editor on our list. If you are editing videos for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or other work, HitFilm surely meets your demand with its outstanding effects.

The finest editing app has many plugins to create 3D-style videos. Its customizable traditions can give your videos a more professional view. In addition, you can use video stabilization features for shaky cam footage. However, HitFlim Express is an all-in-one video editing app for windows.

Final Words

Considering your purpose for video editing, and regardless of all features, we have compiled the free Windows video editors for you. Let me know which app you are going to use.

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