10 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11/10 in 2023

As technology has increased a lot, these days most thing is done virtually. Like, we use printed calendars for checking festivals, events, holidays, and more. But do you know? Even for this you can use apps and ask your smartphone or PC to keep a reminder. However, all the devices have an in-built calendar or you can download an app if you want to customize it as per your requirements.

This is a list of the best calendar UWP applications available for Windows. It’s interesting that there are no calendar applications available on the Microsoft Store that are rated well (don’t ask me what the reason is) However, we’ve tested and tried the ones listed within this listing to ensure that our readers have the top choice out of them.

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10 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 11/10

Now, also Calendar is needed, but on your devices, so you can download a few of the apps with extra features. Here we have brought a list of the best Calendar apps for Windows 11/10. The Microsoft App Store already has a decent collection of Calendar apps. From that, we have selected a few apps and provided them below.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

One of the best and free apps that is very easy to use and has great features. The user interface of the Google Calendar app is very simple and everything is organized very well. You can easily plan all your daily activities and can use it on all your devices.

This app has prepared lists of dates like sporting events, and religious holidays. It allows you to add events from Gmail whenever you receive any event invitations from it. All the event invites are added to your calendar automatically.

It is very helpful as you can keep reminders of all your daily work, so you won’t forget any important tasks. And you can add Gmail to this app so you can check if your partner has any plans or not. Just download the Google Calendar app and get all the information.

Features of Google Calendar:

  • Free of Cost
  • Sync to any app
  • It allows to send emails and messages to yourself
  • It has an option to share your calendar with each other.

2. Power Planner

Power Planner

One of the best calendar apps for students. Power Planner app has great features like live tile, Online sync, automatic reminders, and more. If you are a student, you can easily plan homework hours and can track classes. The online account of this app lets you manage everything from anywhere as you can use this app on Mobile or desktop.

It also reminds you when and where is your next class via scheduling a tile. Power Planner app is a combined with Outlook calendar and it syncs everything over different platforms and devices. It is free to use but it has limited features, but the pro version has all features unlocked.

3.  My Calendar

 My Calendar

My Calendar app is one of the popular free apps that comes with different categories that allow you to customize the calendar views. It allows you to view the tile format live and can add photos to birthdays and task management.

Features of My Calendar:

  • You can view the calendar in day, week, and month.
  • Allows to manage tasks
  • There is an option to quickly change between calendar views rapidly to see selected days in multiple views.
  • Let’s you view other special events

4. Hope Calendar

Hope Calendar

Hope Calendar is a straightforward app with great features. One of the best things is it doesn’t require any separate settings as it fits with your device’s current settings for the calendar.

And you don’t need to worry about the personal data as it will never go to the servers. It is compatible with other apps like Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, Google calendar, and more.

As you can schedule your future appointments it allows you to view them easily in live tile format. The free version of this app is available but with few limitations, so you can opt for the pro version at $2.49.

Features of Hope Calendar:

  • View up to five appointments in a tile format.
  • Double-click on the current day and add appointments
  • Option to hide appointments or view the hidden appointments

5. Event Calendar

The Event Calendar app is completely free to use. As in the name suggest Event, this app is special for tracking the event dates. You can easily remember all the important events like festivals, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more.

As you keep a reminder for the event, this app sends you notifications regularly to keep you alert for the events. So, likewise, you will never forget any event.

Features of Event Calendar:

  • Add events and save them to the cloud.
  • View notifications.
  • Let’s you add unlimited events on the cloud.
  • Personal information is protected from unidentified access.

6. One Calendar

One Calendar

One Calendar app is a user-friendly calendar app that is very easy to use. It allows you to add everything in one place. It is a platform where you can view all of your calendars including Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, Facebook events, and more.

Moreover, it is extremely customizable and offers different colors, themes, live tile format, drag, and drop facility. The premium version is of $4.99.

Features of One Calendar:

  • As per your requirements, you can add, update, and remove appointments.
  • Allows you to search
  • Offers multiple views like Day, Week, Month, and Year.
  • Also works in offline Mode without the internet.
  • Compatible with Google Calendars and Office365.

7. Efficient Calendar

Efficient calendar

An Efficient Calendar allows you to schedule, plan, and keep a reminder of your work. You can use this on both PCs and smartphones. It has multiple viewing options like Day, Week, Month, and Year. You can set the subtasks and. organize manage the to-do list properly.

Features of Efficient Calendar:

  • Multiple Calendar Views
  • Easy to sync
  • Powerful Document Editor
  • After you add an event or a task, it reminds you on time.
  • There is a Recycle Bin, where you can get deleted files, so if you mistakenly delete some important information then you can get it back.

8. Mine Time

Mine Time

It is one of the best free calendars app that is easy to set up and use. You just need to connect to the service accounts and start using it. One of the best this is, Mine Time app combines all the other calendars on your phone including Google Calendar, Outlook.com, iCloud, and more.

So, all the calendars are under one roof. It also displays the status of how often you have met your colleagues in the past months. And you can also see how many events have been scheduled.  It is a cross-platform desktop app that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

9. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a paid app that has 30 days free trial and then you can upgrade it to $70 per year. It combines Calendars with contacts, tasks, and more. This app lets you stay organized well and plan ahead. Directly from the calendar, it allows you to do many things like booking conference rooms to track the RSVPs for meetings.

10. Lightning Calendar

Lightning Calendar

Easily organize your schedule and all the important events in a calendar that is combined with Thunderbird email. Lightning calendar lets you manage multiple calendars and can also create a daily to-do list, invite friends to events, and subscribe to public calendars.

These are some of the Best Calendar Apps for Windows 11/10. From the list of the apps, some of them are paid and some are free which we have mentioned.

If you’re using one of these calendar applications Let us know your thoughts about the apps through the comment section. There are many other calendar apps to choose from and if we’ve not included your preferred calendar app or you prefer the default Windows 11/10 calendar, sound off about that too.

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