March 29, 2023

How to Fix Skype Not Opening on Windows 10 PC

Skype is a popular telecommunication app with which you can make a video chat and voice calls on your computers. You can also use this app on tablets, mobile, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In addition, this app also provides instant messaging services.

Although this app works properly, there are some instances when Skype is not opening on your Windows 10 PC. Usually, the issue of Skype not responding or opening is reported after an update. Or there might be any reason for the app not responding. One of the most common reasons for getting the problem is your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the app’s latest version.

This problem might occur if you have recently installed a third-party app or anti-virus is blocking you from using the apps on your PC. If you face the same problem, then here we are to help you out with some solutions.

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2 Methods to Fix Skype Not Opening in Windows 10

Below we have provided a few of the fixes that will help you to solve the problem of Skype not opening.

Method 1: Reinstall Skype

You must try to uninstall the app on Windows 10 PC and reinstall it to fix the issue. So let’s check out the steps to do that:

  1. First, open Task Manager windows by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together
  2. Scroll down and right-click on “Skype,” click on “End Task,” and close the window.
    Open task manager
  3. Now, open settings windows on your PC by pressing the Windows key + I
  4. Click on Apps on the left-hand side, tap on “Apps & Features.
  5. Scroll down and type “Skype” in the search box.
  6. From the search results, click on Skype and click on “Uninstall.”
  7. A confirmation window will appear, click on “Uninstall” and close the window.
    Apps and features
  8. Now, open the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R
  9. Type %appdata%  and click enter.
  10. In the folder, look for the Skype folder and right-click on it, and tap on the delete option.
  11. Now, go to C:\Program Files (x86) in file explorer.
  12. Look for the skype folder, right-click on it and delete

Now, download and install the latest version of Skype on your Windows PC.

  1. Download the latest version of skype from the given link.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions given.
  3. As the app is ready, reboot your PC and try to launch the app.

Method 2: Launch Skype from Microsoft Store

Follow the steps to launch skype from Microsoft Store.

  1. In the search box, type in Microsoft store and open it from the results.
  2. In the store window, click on the search box at the top of the window and type “Skype.
  3. Click on Skype; you will see a message “the product is installed.
  4. Besides this, there is an option of “Launch” tap on it and launch the app on your PC.

Launch skype

Method 3: Run Skype in Compatibility Mode

This method might solve your problem of Skype not opening on Windows PC.

  1. Do right-click on the Skype icon and click on “Properties.
  2. In Properties, click on compatibility mode
  3. Check the option “Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  4. From the drop-down list, select “Windows 8” and click on Apply and OK.

Open compatibility mode

Now, try to launch the app on your PC.

So, these are the solutions to fix if the Skype app is not opening on your windows PC. We hope this article helps you. If you know any other suggestions on fixing this issue, then do share them with us.

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