Edge Browser Gains More Desktop Market Share From Google Chrome

According to October 2020 reports from the NetMarketShare, the desktop browser market share of Google’s Chrome is seen falling. At the same time, Microsoft’s Edge and Mozilla’s Firefox have increased. While Firefox has a slight increment, the Chromium-based Edge browser has been significantly improving, both in share and features. It’s seen that Microsoft pushing the Edge in various ways has helped it to achieve that feat.

Edge Silently Grabs Chrome’s Desktop Market Share

Edge Browser Gains More Desktop Market Share From Google Chrome

Google has been the market leader in terms of browser and search engine for years. Most of this achievement is garnered from the devices prevailing in the market, mostly Android, and have the Chrome browser and Google Search as default. While it’s enjoying this success for a long, it should now worry about its rivals’ growth.

While Mozilla’s Firefox and DuckDuckGo can’t be so impactful, Microsoft’s Edge can. The Windows OS maker has killed its Internet Explorer to reinvent itself and came up with Edge, a browser-based on Chromium – the same underlying engine used by Chrome. Since this is equally powerful as Chrome, Microsoft is pushing it hard and in every way possible to its users.

Since it’s having control over the Windows 10 systems, just as Google having on Android, it’s aggressively prompting users to use Edge over Chrome in their PCs. Microsoft is seen doing this in every aspect, like in Taskbar and Search box. It has even pre-installed the Edge browser in Windows 10 October update and recommended users to use Edge for smooth working.

All these attempts are successful, as seen from the reports by NetMarketShare. The latest reports tell that Edge has increased its share from 8.84% in September to 10.22% in October. This is also a big year-on-year jump from the Q4 2019 share, where Edge has only 5.60%. On the other hand, Chrome’s share has been dropped from 69.94% to 69.25%. Also, Firefox has increased from 7.19% to 7.22%.

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