Microsoft Prompts Users to Make Edge Browser Default Through Taskbar

In the latest efforts to push its native browser, Microsoft has been prompting users from Taskbar. Users who’ve updated their systems to the Windows 10 October update will now see a new notification from Microsoft in Taskbar, where it pinned the Edge browser and asks them to use it by default. This comes after the company has advertised it from Search, Start Menu, and even Outlook.

Microsoft Pushes Edge Browser Via Taskbar

Microsoft has been trying in all the ways possible to retain its users from Google’s Chrome. It has pushed the Edge browser from various sections to pull them into its space. While it’s made on the same Chromium engine, users are just addicted to Chrome for several reasons. And even though Edge’s market is increasing gradually, Microsoft isn’t satisfied yet.

Reports tell that Windows 10 users who upgraded their systems to the October update are now seeing a new Microsoft prompt. They say that the Edge browser is now pinned to Taskbar, and Microsoft pushes a notification to remind them to run the Edge browser as default. While it mixes with Windows 10 well, notifying as such is still intrusive.

Edge from taskbar
Edge from taskbar

Microsoft has earlier found to be marketing its Edge browser from the Windows Search, Start Menu, and even though the web Outlook. A good thing here is that these notifications can be turned off. Users who see the prompt can click ok the cross (x) on the top right corner or close it forcibly through settings.

In this case, users can unpin the Edge browser from Taskbar or go to settings to stop Windows notifications. Users have also complained that they’re receiving notifications even though they’re using Edge! This could be a bug, as Windows 10 cannot identify the existing Edge browser in the system and may be fixed in the next update.

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