Windows 10 New Update Fixed Bugs in File Explorer and Removed Internet Explorer

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 KB5000842 update, which fixed several File Explorer issues. Also, the new update removed Internet Explorer from the system completely. To date, the outdated Internet Explorer is available in the background even though users using the latest Edge browser.

Windows 10 Update Fixing File Explorer

Windows 10 users who upgraded their machines with the November 2019 update had the Search function in File Explorer broken. The unknown bug failed to retrieve results when filters are used like sorted by date, file size, or date modified. Users making this query will be returned the “Computing Filters” error and become unresponsive.

This is now addressed by the KB5000842 update that came with the Windows 10 21H1 update rolled last month. File Explorer’s fix is also ported to supported versions like Windows 10 2004 and 20H2. Besides fixing this issue, the latest KB update has also solved the performance issues in File Explorer.

This includes fixing a memory leak bug in Explorer.exe that consumes additional system resources and makes the explorer window unresponsive. Apart from fixing the File Explorer, the KB update has also dumped the outdated Internet Explorer completely from the new systems.

Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer a couple of years back and pushed the latest Chromium-based Edge browser into the mainstream. It’s competing with Google and Mozilla aggressively with in-OS ads and successful to a stage as the Edge browser is now the third most popular desktop browser with over 8% share.

As previously warned, Users still using the Internet Explorer will be automatically switched to Edge browser, with the old one being deleted for good. To date, Internet Explorer is available in the background, hidden in Windows 10 even though users are using the Edge browser.

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