Windows 10 New Update Brings More Features Than Improvements

From the new preview builds released, Windows Latest has reported some new features that are coming to the Window 10. These include the Desktop Spotlight, Windows 10X OOBE screen, new recommend browser settings, and the expansion of Windows 10 Fluent Design to other system features. Most of these are expected to be live in the next Windows update.

New Features Coming in Windows 10

While Microsoft is having a rough time in pushing monthly cumulative updates good, it’s trying to cover up those accusations by launching new features. The company is about to release the next features update later this month and is expected to have the below features.

Desktop Spotlight

Windows 10 October 2020 Update to Have a Desktop Spotlight Feature
Windows 10 October 2020 Update to Have a Desktop Spotlight Feature

As we reported earlier, Microsoft may include a new feature called Desktop Spotlight, which pulls wallpapers from Bing to set them in a slideshow. While this is available in the Windows systems earlier, it’s just limited to the lock screen, and may also serve ads. But now, users can set compatible wallpapers from Bing on the home screen.

Recommended Browser Settings

As usual, Microsoft will now prompt you to set Edge as the default browser but will specify more reasons to do so. In the browser option of default apps section, it asks users to set Edge as the default browser, confirming which pins it to the desktop and taskbar. Also, users can select a default app for any file format that they’re opening.

Expansion of Fluent Design

While Microsoft has already announced the Fluent Design in past, it’s just limited to the OS. Now, it’s expanding to other core features in Windows 10. The report says the Reveal Effect in Fluent Design System will tune the Task View or Windows Timeline, which can be activated by pressing the Win + Tab keys.

Windows 10X OOBE UI

While Microsoft clarified that Windows 10X is not a replacement for the standard Windows 10, it’s rigorously trying to bring more of its features to the standard Windows 10. This initially includes the Windows 10X OOBE, which are just a series of the screen shown up when the system is updated or newly setup.

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