Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Windows 12 Design at Ignite 2022 Keynote

Microsoft has made quite a few headlines this month. We just got a series of Surface devices from the tech giant, and there’s another product update on the way.

A screenshot of reported Windows 12 was spotted at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 keynote when the tech giant showed a Windows PC running Microsoft Teams. Here’s the story.

Windows 12 Design Leaked at the Ignite 2022 Keynote

There was a moment at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 keynote where a peek of what’s assumed to be Windows 12 was spotted. According to the folks at XDA Developers, the UI doesn’t look anything like the current version of Windows 11.

It goes in line since we already have our hands on this year’s major Windows update, dubbed the Windows 11 22H2. It is presumably Windows 12, which will arrive sometime in 2024.


Zac Bowden of Windows Central mentioned that Microsoft has been testing out different versions of Windows (v12) internally as prototypes; it is possible this is one of them.

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If you ask what gives that this could be Windows 12 and not Windows 11, the screenshot shows a floating taskbar not locked on the bottom of the screen. Also, the UI elements at the top of the screen give a translucent bar with weather updates, battery, Wi-Fi icons, and a search bar, among others.

As XDA Developers puts it, the Windows 12 leaked design looks like it has been optimized for touch users, given the fact that there has been exponential growth in touch screens.

However, the design won’t alienate keyboard and mouse users as well, which means it has to create a design something in the meeting.

Windows 12 is slated to arrive sometime in 2024 while Windows 11 will complete its rollout in three years, which started in 2021.

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