Microsoft Partners with Meta to Bring its Tools to VR

Almost a decade after Facebook (now Meta) and Microsoft joined forces with deep integration on the Windows Phone, and the duo has finally announced a partnership between Meta’s QuestVR and Microsoft’s family of collaborative tools.

Well, Microsoft Office, Teams, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and even Windows are coming on Meta’s Quest VR headsets as both companies have announced a partnership toward the future of work.

Microsoft and Meta join forces on the future of work

Anyone who has kept themselves updated with tech news would know that both Meta and Microsoft were competing against each other, furnishing their applications for the future of work.

Cut to now, the two tech juggernauts have announced collaboration where Quest VR users would get their hands on a few Microsoft tools on the Metaverse.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, announced the same at Meta Connect, where he mentioned that they are bringing an immersive meeting experience on Quest VR, allowing users to leverage various tools to their full capabilities all within the metaverse.

Apart from introducing Teams on QuestVR, the users will be able to use Teams via Meta’s Horizon Workbooks making it a cross-device and cross-screen experience while acting as a stepping stone toward the future of virtual offices.

Teams won’t be the only tool but Office apps are now arriving on QuestVR too on a 2D version via Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology.

There’s no 3D version available now, although the Redmond-based giant ensures that it will get the 3D version onboard VR if there’s enough appetite for that.

Moving on, the full-blown Microsoft Windows 365 has arrived on the metaverse. It will enable users to utilize full-fledged versions of Windows on the VR headsets.

It includes everything from personalized apps, settings, and content available on metaverse.

If that’s not all, Microsoft has added support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing all the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users to pick their controllers and play the games streaming on the Quest headsets.

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