Microsoft Confirmed the Launch Date of New Windows Event

As we speculated earlier, Microsoft is conducting a special event to announce the new version of Windows. While there’s no specific name for this, this dedicated Windows event is scheduled for June 24 at 11 AM ET.

As usual, this event will be fully virtual where everyone can watch. While the buzz is about announcing the Sun Valley update, it could be more than it!

A New Windows Coming Soon

We’ve seen applications in Windows 10 get major changes for a long time but not the base platform itself. However, as it’s now a decade old, Microsoft is planning to revamp the whole design of Windows 10 and possibly add some interesting features. While we don’t know much about the incoming features, we’ve seen many leaks regarding the design UI changes.

Microsoft decided to reinvent most areas in Windows 10, from Start Menu to Action Center and File Explorer to default icons – all the getting major design overhaul. And with the fallout of the Windows 10X launch, Microsoft is bringing most of its features to the regular Windows now.

And to what they are, tune yourself to this live stream on June 24th, at 11 AM Eastern Time – where Microsoft is announcing the new Windows. There’s nothing much said about the event, but the invitation says “what’s next for Windows,” raising more doubts than excitement.

Some speculate that Microsoft may announce Windows 11, which could be a big step if it did. But the company has earlier reiterated that Windows 10 will be the last and only release new iterations. So we’ll see all these doubts clearing up on June 24th.

In last month’s event, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has taken a big stance on calling the upcoming Windows the biggest change of the decade. We wonder how big it could be than Windows 8, which took the breath off many when launched.

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