March 29, 2023

Windows 10 Sun Valley Update Leaks Shows Core Features Imported From Windows 10X

The latest leaks about the upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update show few core features taken from the paused Windows 10X. These include sliding up and down the Quick actions from Action Center, floating menu in the Taskbar elements, and rounded corners for dialog boxes. Most of this will be coming to the Windows Insiders soon.

Leaks of Windows 10 New Features

As we’ve learned that the development of Windows 10X was paused for good, we don’t miss it anyway. Some of the core features are coming to Windows 10 in its next iteration – the Sun Valley update. While it’s officially scheduled for sometime later this year, we have a range of leaks revealing how the upcoming version would look like.

Some of the elements include revamped UI of Action Center, where Microsoft added a new slider to drag up and open the quick action elements and slide down to hide them. This “Gripper” for zipping movement is taken from halted Windows 10X to make the Action Center clearer and have more notifications displayed in it.

New Action Center
New Action Center

This isn’t available for the Windows Insiders and could be coming to them soon. But, since it’s embedded in the experimental flags, anyone with the knowledge of tweaking Visual Studio debugging can turn it on to try. It’s available with the package name WindowsShellExperienceHost.exe.

Windows rounded corners
Windows rounded corners

After this, Microsoft has published a blog post for developers and quickly removed it later. This contained a new design of icons and dialog boxes in the upcoming Windows 10. While it was soon deleted, Windows Latest managed to grab a screenshot of an example dialog box with rounded corners.

And lastly, there’s the floating menu for icons set in the Taskbar. The menu shows up is slightly revamped to look good and is opened by right-clicking on the icon at the Taskbar. These features could be announced officially at the upcoming Microsoft Build 2021 conference.

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