Windows 7 is Still Being Used by 22.71% People, Despite Any Updates

Despite discontinuing complete support to Windows 7 earlier this year, reports reveal that Windows 7 is still being used by many people. So much so that, it’s having a quarter of the whole PC’s OS market share today. While there’s a slight decrease in the user base, Windows 7 is still being used by 22.71% of the people.

Windows 7 Isn’t Dying Just Yet!

Windows 7 is Still Being Used by 22.71% People

Microsoft has announced Windows 7 in 2009, with a promise to deliver both security and non-security updates regularly upto the next ten years. While this promise has come to end in January this year, users don’t seem to care yet. The defunct OS has from Microsoft is still having a quarter of the total PC OS market share.

In the latest statistical reports from NetMarketShare, Windows 7 is still being used by 22.71% of people, down by 25.56% in January. While the numbers have dropped, even more, Windows 7 has slightly picked up users from the Linux last month. Since the work-from-home routine, few users have moved to Linux earlier this year and eventually ported back to Windows.

Thus, the Linux market share has fallen 50%, from 2.33% to 1.14%. This shift has eventually pushed the share of other Windows versions like Windows 8.1 from 2.69% to 2.99%, and Windows 10 from 60.57% to 61.26%. Interestingly, the Windows XP is still found on 0.78% of devices as of September 2020.

While users are migrating to supported Windows versions gradually, it’s still concerning since there’s a lot of stagnation. Using a defunct OS like Windows XP or Windows 7 means no supplement of any updates whenever there’s an emergency. If hackers find any bug to exploit in them, they’re just left vulnerable!

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