Windows 11 Upgraded Search UI is Rolling Out with Accuracy Issues

Windows 11 April 2022 cumulative update brought a slew of features and upgrades. One of the features includes Windows 11’s Search new interface that has started rolling out across users. It comes with “Search Highlights” that give the Windows Search homepage a makeover that makes it engaging and exciting.

Windows 11 Upgraded Search UI is Now Rolling Out

The Search interface now gives you trending items and topics, powered by Bing. It will also showcase holidays, global events, and more, making it an enthralling UI.

Windows 11 will bring in more updates to the Search UI over the coming months. For instance, if it is Earth Day, the Search UI will showcase a bunch of information about Earth Day.

Windows 11 has a feature to keep the search highlights enabled or turn it off at will. This is especially good for those who would like a less intrusive search UI that can be achieved simply by flicking the particular settings.

As usual, Microsoft has been plugging in new features with each update and there are still a lot of refinements that will be made to the search UI over the coming updates. There are now suggested apps in the quick search menu that make it easier to open the most used apps on the PC. Microsoft has also plugged in a few more functionalities, if that’s not all.

However, the Search functionality is still far from perfect. It tends to fail to show correct items in the search results. The Bing integration with a Search feature isn’t at its best for most searchers.

However, this is set to change as Microsoft has already heard about the accuracy problems and will be working on fixing the problems to make them accurate.

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