Windows 11 is revamping Task Manager as a part of upcoming Windows Insiders update

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 is getting its hands on a new interface for the Task Manager. This is perhaps a welcome change given the fact that now the UI looks apt with the WinUI implementation.

The update comes as a part of preview builds and is available for those who have signed up for Windows insiders. This is a precursor to what Microsoft is expected to roll out in other areas of the operating system.

The revamped Task Manager on Windows 11

Windows 11 Task Manager

A glance at the revamped Task Manager shows you that it has now acquired the Windows 11 DNA instead of sticking to the same old UI. The Processes, Performance, and other tabs are now on the left pane. You can see the apps and all the adjoining details on the right pane.

If that’s not all, the Task Manager on Windows 11 has received dark mode support as well. You can also check out the system accent color as well.

Windows 11 now has a system accent color palette as well that you can choose and personalize accordingly. You can click on “Automatically pick an account color from my background” so that the UI color matches with the dominant color on the desktop as well.

The said feature applies an array of colors across the notification center, buttons, start, and taskbar among other areas. However, note that Task Manager will get an accent color on the ‘Processes’ tab only possibly due to accessibility and readability issues.  Perhaps, future updates should bring more colors to other areas of the Task Manager app as well.

Microsoft is adding new sections “Battery Health” and “App Health” on Task Manager to showcase dedicated information as well. Note that the Redmond-based giant is expected to bring in some additional features to the app as well.

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