Windows 11 22H2 First Major Update Bring Overhauls to Task Manager

Microsoft is now actively rolling out the first major Windows 11 update, which will be available to general users soon. Available for those signed up for Windows 11 Insiders Program, the update showcases a lot of upgrades it has brought onboard.

Task Manager onboard 22H2 Windows 11 major update will blow you away as it now gets Windows Fluent Design and the ability to better troubleshoot the PC by creating a kernel system crash dump file in real-time.

Latest Windows 11 Update Rolls out an Enhancement to Task Manager

One of the major updates that the incoming Windows 11 update brings onboard is the ability to create kernel system crash dump files. These are files that the kernel creates in the event of a crash such as the Blue Screen of Death.

Now with the latest update in place, users can create a kernel system crash dump file in real-time to check out what’s happening with the RAM and take preventive measures for the same.

All this can be done on the new and powerful Task Manager that has received many other updates to check out.

Windows 11 22H2 first major update bring overhauls to Task Manager

Moving on, the UI has improved manifold as well. With the 22H2 update, the Task Manager now uses Microsoft’s Fluent Design, dubbed the Web UI 3.0, which looks better.

The UI looks modern and has opted for a Settings app-like UI with options consolidated on a slim column on the left side. Microsoft is instilling Mica, a virtual design material that will mask the Task Manager with a dominant color from the desktop background.

Windows 11 22H2 first major update bring overhauls to Task Manager

Another feature introduced to the Task Manager is the Efficiency Mode. Here, the users can throttle the CPU performance for certain apps or programs while prioritizing other processes to achieve objectives such as higher battery efficiency.

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