Windows 10X New Leaks Show Off Boot Animation and Start Menu

While we knew that Microsoft’s upcoming tweaked OS – Windows 10X to be revolutionary, it’s taking more time than estimated to launch. But, the leaks meanwhile are pouring down revealing its features one-by-one. The latest leaks of Windows 10X shows off the startup animation and the Start Menu icons, being made so cool than the current Windows 10.

Windows 10X New Leaks

Windows 10X New Leaks Show Off Boot Animation and Start Menu

Since innovation can’t be stopped for competition’s sake, OEMs are in the pursuit of making typical laptop designs, like the foldable ones. While we have this technology in smartphones lately, it’s now coming to PCs, like Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold.

Just as the special machines need special hardware to run, they also need special software to run. As creating a whole new software would be hard and make them incompatible in the world of Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to slightly tweak its current best Windows 10 and make it useful for such devices.

Thus, Windows 10X is being made to help these devices to run in parallel, or somewhat better than the current Windows 10 systems. It should have been coming to consumers by now, as per its schedule, but didn’t. Since OEMs are turning away from experimental PCs to traditional amid surged demand in COVID-19, that aim has put aside for a while.

This also pushed Microsoft to start making this special software for single screened PCs, and been in the works since then. While it’s scheduled to release sometime after April this year, fresh leaks describe how the Windows 10X Start Menu and the startup animation would look like.

As per Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, the above-shared picture is how the Windows 10X Start Menu would look like. The Taskbar and the Menu are brought to the middle of the screen, with shortcuts to Office 365 apps in Taskbar and recent in Start Menu. There doesn’t seem to be UWP apps, but PWA apps.

Further, Alumia Italia shares the bootup animation of Windows 10X, where the logo was pulled to the right side and is smooth. This was said to be on the Windows 10X Build no. 20279.1002 and support instant opening on PC and apps.









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