Windows 10 New Preview Build Refreshed the Segoe UI Font

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Preview build 21376 to the Dev channel, where it has no new features. One significant upgrade is the revamping of the Segoe UI font. This typeface has a new Variable variant looking good even larger, and the Segoe UI Historic variant has Bamum Unicode support. This will be seen more widely in the later standard rollout.

Typeface Update in Windows 10 New Preview Build

As per the plan, Microsoft is regularly rolling out the support updates of Windows 10 to make it ready for the big overhaul – the Sun Valley update. This so-called Sun Valley (or the Windows 10 21H2) is scheduled for later this year and brings huge design changes throughout the OS.

And as a part of it, the preview build v21376 released now in Windows Insider Beta Channel has slight changes made to negligible US elements. A prominent among them is redesigning the Segoe UI typeface, where we see a new Segoe UI Variable font coming up. This isn’t limited to the 9pt as the standard Segoe, so looks good at both small and large sizes.

Segoe variable

Also, the Segoe UI Historic attains Bamum Unicode support. The new preview build also has the Connect icon being updated and a change in drag and drop cursor design. Again, these kinds of low-featured updates are to prepare for the big changes coming later. And in this case, the Sun Valley update.

We see a lot of design changes from general icons to most visited sections like the Start Menu, Action Center, and File Explorer. Some of the design changes for these have already been experienced by Windows Insiders, and you can check them by enrolling in the program.

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