Windows 10 21H1 Will Notify Users About New Apps in Startup Apps List

Microsoft is found to be adding an alerting service in the upcoming Windows 10 builds, where it will notify users about new apps being added to the Startup Apps list. The Startup Apps will run automatically in the background when the OS is launched, making it quicker for the user to use them, but slowdowns the PC if more are added. Thus, they will now be notified while added.

Windows 10 Will Tell About New Additions in Startup Apps

Microsoft has always given users the ability to modify their start-up apps. While this is good, what perceived as bad is the automatic add up of apps to the list. While it adds apps like Groove, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive etc to the list, some of them aren’t so useful to the user.

Thus, it’s nothing but a list of junk apps running in the background without the user’s permission. Since these are added to the list anyway, they will start automatically with the PC’s OS, like when the user logs into the OS and eventually run in the background even though not used by the user.

Startup Apps
Startup Apps

While this could be useful for quick access, like users don’t have to wait until the program is loaded, it’s still an unwanted load and slows down PC. Thus, users need to check manually the list regularly to remove them. But now, Microsoft is working on a feature in Windows 10 21H1, that will let users know whenever there’s an app used to the Startup App list.

This could be useful since the user can act then itself. If he misses the prompt, he can navigate to Settings > Apps > Startup to check the new apps and remove the unwanted ones. Also, one can disable them from running in the background through the Task Manager.

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