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A new update to the Microsoft Teams will let users set their availability to offline. Named as “Appear Offline,” the new option is added to the Teams client’s current availability statuses. Since Microsoft resets the availability status every week, users should update them regularly. Once activated, it will still let users know the browser through chats while appearing inactive.

Now Users Can Go Offline in Microsoft Teams

New Microsoft Teams Update Lets Users Set Offline Status
New Microsoft Teams Update Lets Users Set Offline Status

Video conferences are a simple way to collaborate with remote colleagues but can be disturbing sometimes. Users who wanted to read through conversations or find files have to browse through their contacts and history, who’ll be showed as available to others meanwhile. And this becomes disturbing when someone pings for a video call, and you can’t refuse.

While Microsoft Teams has given users the ability to specifically mention their availability status like Available (Green), Busy (Red), Do not disturb (Red), and Away (Yellow), it missed the Offline option here. This is an important one, since telling your contacts on the face you’re not interested in calls isn’t simple.

In a new update to the Microsoft Teams, the maker has added a new status option called “Appear Offline” to the current list. If enabled, it will set the user’s availability status offline, conveying others that they’re not available for calls. While the “Do not disturb” and “Away” convey almost the same meaning, they still mean the user is browsing the app and could be pinged.

Microsoft Teams Offline Mode
Microsoft Teams Offline Mode

Thus, this complete offline feature strikes these feelings down to tell them he’s not available. While the default availability status remains available when the user opens the Teams app, this should be set manually in the settings. Turning offline doesn’t mean you cannot check on others; users in offline mode can see others availability and browse the chats.

Also, as Microsoft resets the status every week, users should change their desired status periodically. Reports suggest that Microsoft will let users set the status duration of their choice soon. This means users can set the availability status to the desired period from 3 minutes to a week and even custom.


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