Microsoft is Adding VPN Indicator Feature on Taskbar

Windows 11 OS as a whole is getting better with every iteration. As of now, you have plenty of features embedded in the taskbar itself such as checking what apps are running and which ones are using hardware services.

Microsoft has added a rather subtle but useful feature onboard Windows 11. Dubbed a VPN Indicator, the feature overlays a shield/lock icon on the network icon to give you a visual cue the VPN is activated or not.

Windows 11 Latest Feature: Find Out If VPN is Enabled or Not

Microsoft rolled out the new feature as a part of Build 252477 of the Windows 11 Insider program. Called the VPN Indicator, It actually works as the name suggests.

With the ongoing weapon indicator now you can tell if you are your computer is using VPN or not simply by looking at the extreme right of the taskbar where a VPN shield logo will be superimposed on the network icon giving you a visual clue for the same.

The feature is still in the development phase and has some limitations. For example, doesn’t work on a Wi-Fi and test you have to connect through Ethernet, and it doesn’t indicate status when connected to a third-party VPN.

For now, it only works on the pain activated through quick settings or if you go through Network and Internet > VPN.

Although it seems like a subtle improvement/upgrade, it is still a visual representation if you have activated VPN or not and it works without you going through the settings to find out if it’s sector.

Another limitation that it currently processes is that it doesn’t inform you what services are apps are using the VPN or vice versa.

It is high time for Microsoft as it has decided to gradually and steadily upgrade its operating system and look for attention to detail which is why it has been upgrading other functionalities on Windows 11 so often lately.

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