Microsoft to Partially Get Rid Off 3D Objects in Windows 10 Soon

After years of observing, Microsoft is finally getting rid of the unused section of Windows 10, which is the 3D Objects. The 3D Objects is set up to store all 3D things and apps like Paint and Photos but weren’t used by users much. Thus, Microsoft is planning to hide this from File Explorer in its upcoming Windows 10 21H2 update.

3D Objects in Windows 10

Microsoft to Partially Get Rid Off 3D Objects in Windows 10 SoonUseless features in any software are just a burden. They take up space and may be vulnerable to attacks if having bugs. Also, maintaining them in every software update takes up resources. Thus, developers often understand public usage and remove unwanted or failed features from their services.

Microsoft is doing the same, too, with its 3D Objects section in Windows 10. 3D Objects shows up in the File Explorer right under the This PC tab in the Quick Access bar. While most users don’t care, it’s actually meant for storing the 3D apps and outputs from them.

These include the Paint 3D and 3D editing in Photos app etc. Microsoft has earlier tried with these 3D objects to interest users but failed to entertain them since they’re not worth it. Instead, users wanting 3D editing and design often lookup on the internet and use third-party software for handling them.

Watching the trend, Microsoft has finally decided to drop this 3D Objects section from Windows 10, but not directly. It’s reported the 3D Objects section will be hidden from the File Explorer after updating to the Windows 10 21H2 update, scheduled later this year.

It’s partially dropped since it’s just hidden from the main screen. Users can still find the 3D Objects in the Users folder on their computers and use them if they wanted to. A good thing from partially hiding is, it’s made a null folder since it consumes no space.

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