Microsoft to Challenge Google’s ChromeOS With its Windows 10X Soon

Microsoft has been developing a lighter version of its Windows 10 called Windows 10X for so long. While it’s gearing up to launch next year, speculations have already started hinting that it would challenge Google’s ChromeOS. This is because Microsoft is making it for lighter devices, setting all apps from the cloud, and many more.

Windows 10X Launching Next Year

Microsoft to Challenge Google's ChromeOS With its Windows 10X Soon

From all the leaks and hints given both by Microsoft and popular leakers, it’s clear that the company is having plans for taking ChromeOS. After all, Google’s ChromeOS is rapidly growing due to the flexibility it’s offering with apps and Google suite.

It’s made for light devices, AKA devices with low-end specifications to get them on track with the ones running an actual, hard-coded OS like Windows and Linux. While it clearly doesn’t support all the features as in mainstream OS, it definitely has its own charm.

And running after that popularity is the big software company – Microsoft. It’s reported to be making a lighter version of Windows 10 OS for years, which is aimed at smaller devices initially. Termed as Lite OS, it’s reported to dump Start Menu in favor of a static app launcher that can fetch results universally.

Dumping Start Menu means missing the quick updates from apps like Weather, Events, Mail, etc. Yet, it’s for good. Further, it’s said to be using rounded corners for apps and other programs and ditches monochromatic designs for colourful icons and buttons.

This stripped-down version is aimed at devices with 4GB of RAM and also for dual-screen smartphones. It’s also reported that Microsoft is working with OEMs to make universal Windows drivers optimized for Windows 10X.

After all, some big upgrades users can see are the dumping of Win32 apps and Cloud PC usage. Microsoft is cleverly using its Azure cloud to serve windows as a service, thereby letting users access its desktop apps from the cloud, just like the Office 365 suite. All these plans are shaping up to be shown next year.

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