Microsoft Tests Rounded Edges in Windows 10 Sun Valley Preview Build

Microsoft is found testing a new flag in the preview build of the next Windows 10 update, where it curved down the edges of windows and other UWP apps. These include the Start Menu, Action Center, Settings, etc, and would give them a modern look that seems more into the Windows 10X. This is part of the Sun Valley update coming later this year.

Windows 10 Apps and Windows Getting Rounded Edges

Microsoft has earlier hinted to us with the new design updates coming to Windows 10, that would make the OS everyone’s favorite. While this stayed as just an update for long, rumors about something called Sun Valley update started flourishing when Panos Panay too over the Windows design head.

Now, it seems to come finally, as Microsoft is testing a flag in the preview build of Windows 10, named “RoundedWindowCornersPrototypex“, which if enabled will make the edges of windows and few other elements like the UWP apps curved. These rounded edges would give a more aesthetic feel than the sharp ones.

Also, it should be noted that Microsoft will be making this kind of change only to the modern elements like the Start Menu, Settings, Action Center, etc. The Sun Valley update is more of a mixed output from touted Windows 10X UI and the Windows Fluent Design from the past.

All in all, it’s clear that Microsoft is finally making a big step in terms of design, to make it the best OS ever, as Panos Panay desired. While we hope the same, Microsoft should better be taking recommendations from the community before making features, as these rounded edges are available up to Windows 8, before taken up by sharpening ones.

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