Microsoft Teams Announces App to Sign Documents in Real-time

Microsoft aims to make its Microsoft Teams app the best in the business when it comes to virtual meetings. More often than not, the COVID-19 pandemic showed how businesses moved from in-person meetings to virtual ones.

To make the app better, Microsoft has announced a sample app or a proof-of-concept app that allows users to sign documents during a Teams meeting.

Now you can sign documents on Microsoft Teams

According to the information provided by report and the sample app’s Github listing, Microsoft Teams will allow users to sign documents such as Purchase Orders or Purchase Agreements but not limited to these only.

Teams will have three major functions i.e. document creator, signer, and reader where the SSO will decide who does what. As of now, you can put in your signature within the app, however, Microsoft plans to put it to good use with the options to select between e-signature, handwritten signature, or a certificate-based signature.

The feature is available on the desktop only although the Redmond-based giant will soon include web and mobile clients too

Microsoft Teams announces app to sign documents within Teams

The ability to sign documents on Microsoft Teams is currently limited to users from the same tenant or organization. However, it will soon cover guest and anonymous signatures too although the timelines are unavailable at the moment.

Some of the prominent types of documents that could be signed on Teams are invoices, purchase orders, NDAs, code reviews, changes in documents, agreements, contracts, and the list goes on.

The Github listing has all the information you need regarding setting up, deployment, known issues, and the prerequisites to get onboard the sample app that you can check out here.

Post-pandemic when the world has almost normalized virtual meetings, Microsoft Teams has been pushing a lot of feature updates to the platform irrespective if they are small or bigger ones.

Zoom, Cisco Webex Teams, and Google Meet are some alternatives that you can switch given the fact that the video conferencing apps market is currently dominated by a few players.

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