Microsoft Teams Will Use AI to Translate Chats Automatically

Microsoft is leaping bounds with a long list of features with the inclusion of Intelligent Translation of Messages in Chat.

Starting now, whenever you receive a message in a foreign language that you don’t understand and is not on your ‘preferred list’, the AI-powered feature will send a prompt whenever you receive a message in another language and translate accordingly.

Microsoft Teams Rolls Out Intelligent Translation Feature on Chat

Collaboration and communication are some of the basic principles of Microsoft Teams. It requires tools to make communication between multiple stakeholders as seamless as possible.

The Redmond-based giant has rolled out an AI-powered Intelligent Translation Feature For Chats on Microsoft Teams that will automatically understand the incoming chats and translate them into the preferred language.

According to Microsoft’s blog, the feature uses AI to analyze the user and how they talk with others. It creates a preferred list of languages that go under the radar untouched. However, as Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool, messages from people using different languages are common.

Microsoft Teams’ Intelligent Translation feature captures the incoming chats and verifies them with the preferred languages signed off by the user. For instance, if you receive a message in French and don’t understand the message, It sends out a prompt that translating this into English would work. You can still ask the feature to never suggest translation.

If you opt for automatic translation, the feature pretty much works in the background seamlessly translating incoming chats into your preferred language.

As of now, Teams support 100 languages. You can walk into Settings >> General >> Translation and check out the list of languages it can translate to and from. You can manage your language preferences via Settings >> General >> Translation.

The feature is now available on both iOS and Android clients. You can check out using the settings mentioned above.

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