Microsoft Introduces Supply Chain Platform for Automation and Sustainability

Visibility across the entire supply chain has always been a concern for supply chain managers. With the volatile nature of the supply chain, disruptions are far more common than one can guess.

With that being said, tech juggernaut Microsoft has launched its flagship Microsoft Supply Chain Platform that lets you address your supply chain with access to all major platforms, ERPs, data connectors, and more; you will have complete control of the visibility that’ll help you strategize a resilient supply chain.

Microsoft Unleashes Solution To Strengthen Visibility Across Supply Chain 

The supply chain is fragmented in many ways. Although companies have started going digital, the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform opens up a valley of opportunities for all the logisticians and supply chain managers.

It combines the ease of Microsoft AI, Software as a Service (SaaS), low code, security, and collaboration as some of the virtues to boost your supply chain management.

The Microsoft Supply Chain Center is a ready-made command center for customers to access everything from data to applications.

It comes with countless integration, including but not limited to Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Dynamic 365, and the Microsoft Cloud suite, just to give you a taste of what you will be trying once you switch to it.

The Platform’s Dataverse gives you an unseen view and visibility across data across your supply chain thanks to inputs from data connectors that let you plan for disruptions ahead of time. It has data reporting, custom workflows, and more.

You can cleverly sync data sourced from various ERPs and Dynic 365, among other systems, to get complete visibility of the data for analysis to find valuable insights like never before.

Want to learn more? Microsoft is holding a free digital event dubbed the Microsoft Supply Chain Reimagined on November 16, where you can find everything you need to know.

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