Microsoft Store App to Get New Design and Flexible Developer Policies in Windows 10

After all the design changes Microsoft makes to its icons and windows, the company is not leaving its Store app aside. As per reports, Microsoft is planning to revamp the Store app’s design and relax some policies on app submissions. These actions are intended to bring people close to the Store app again and make it an important part of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Store App Upgrade

Microsoft Store App to Get New Design and Flexible Developer PoliciesMicrosoft’s plan for letting users procure apps for their system from one point isn’t bad, but leaving it unattended for years without any development is. The Microsoft Store app (previously Window Store) was introduced in 2012 within Windows 8, where both have failed to entice users.

The Store app lacks updates for years, and Microsoft failed to better it throughout. But this is going to change, as per Windows Central, who reported that Microsoft is planning to revamp the Store app in Windows 10 in many ways to interest users and developers together.

The first one is updating the UI, which is said to be coming with the Windows 10 Sun Valley update scheduled late this year. This is supposed to change icons, colors, and accessibility overall. While this entices users, app developers are getting a lot of flexibility on their own terms.

These are letting developers submit their Win32 apps without making any big changes to their current versions. Raw .EXE or .MSI are allowed to be hosted on the Store app, instead of just the MSIX versions as before. Further, they’re allowed to update the apps through their own content delivery network (CDN) instead of using Microsoft’s way.

This makes the process simpler and quicker, as developers can push an update whenever they want, which automatically updates on the user side. This helps cover the exploitable bugs in a short time, rather than waiting for Microsoft’s approval. Finally, a big thing is the ability to choose their own eCommerce means to accept payments.

It’s learned that Microsoft wouldn’t force the developers to use its own payment portal for getting paid from users, but directly as they desired. Also, it’s said that Microsoft won’t take any in this means.

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