Microsoft Office Insider Update Brings New Features to Word, Excel Etc

As the tradition continues, Microsoft has today rolled out the new version of Office suite to Windows 10 Office Insiders. The new package v2010 (build 13328.20154) has a lot of features added to Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Some features like translation on Outlook, GIF animations in PowerPoint and upgraded suggestions in Word are notable additions.

Microsoft Office New October Update Released

The new update, as released to the Office Insiders in the Preview Channel this month, has some notable additions made to the Office suite. This is more of a feature pack rather than a security update, which doesn’t have any fixes to bugs but new features to make the Office apps more productive.

Starting with the overall suite, it was updated to match the theme with the system’s, thus tuning to dark when the system theme is dark and vice versa. Also, Outlook and Word are getting a better Microsoft Editor for grammar suggestions and spell checking. Further, there’s an option to save shapes as images in Excel, Word and Outlook.

Regarding individual apps like the Excel, Microsoft has stabilized a beta feature from August, which is the conversion of Excel tables into flowcharts using the Data Visualizer add-in. In PowerPoint, the premium content library now has some royalty-free illustrations usable by users, and Microsoft said it’s “actively purchasing” more to add.

Further, there’s an option to convert slides into animated GIFs with transparent backgrounds. Users can set this while saving the presentation, in settings. In Outlook, it has set a built-in translator to translate a particular word or a phrase or a complete sentence. They just need to select the text and view options to find translate.

Also, it’s getting a powerful editor for advanced grammar and style suggestions. Users can even sync signatures and other settings like Focused Inbox, Privacy and Automatic Replies from cloud to other new devices when logged in. Most of these features are previously tested in beta builds, and now rolling as stabilized in insider packs and later to general users.

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