Microsoft May Separate the OEM Drivers in the Upcoming Windows 10 Update

After importing several improvement features from Windows 10X to the regular Windows 10, Microsoft may get yet one more important one, which could avoid future issues caused due to drivers. This is to process and store the OEM drivers in a separate folder, just as in Windows 10. This feature is expected to be pushed to Windows 10 users in the upcoming Sun Valley update.

Importing Another Feature From Windows 10X

As Windows 10X is made for lightweight devices and has several optimized features, it’s never shameful to import some useful features from it. While Microsoft has done many already, the Win Central reports that Redmond may take yet another feature – Isolation of OEM Driver Updates.

All the driver updates from external OEM could be pushed to a dedicated folder, instead of processing them on board as now. Microsoft has added this support in the latest dev channel insider build, which could be enabled to move the OEM drivers installations to a separate folder named “OEMDRIVERS“.

This hopes to fix the long-standing issues in Windows 10, which causes the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Several users who installed the third-party drivers earlier have reported BSOD as their ultimate problem, which washed off confidence in Microsoft. Thus, taking this step to isolate the driver updates can benefit to reverse the opinion.

Users interested in trying this out can enable this in their latest dev Insider Build, tagged with the feature ID 26920259 (Writeable_DriverStore). Further, it’s reported that “drivers can’t be released one day before and after the Monthly patch release. In case of feature updates, the deferral period will be 2 days before and after the start of feature update rollout.”

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