Microsoft Integrating iCloud With Photos App on Windows 11

Well, turns out Microsoft is making some seismic shifts when it comes to pushing updates and integrating the Apple ecosystem into its Windows OS ecosystem. The latest to join is iCloud Photos integration with the Photos app on Windows 11 where you can get your hands on all photos from your iPhone automatically synced on your Windows PC.

Now You Can Access iCloud Photos on Windows 11

If you are an Apple iPhone user with Windows 11-powered PC, Microsoft has brought this update for you. The Redmond-based giant is pushing out an update that brings iCloud integration to the Photos app on your Windows 11 PC allowing users to seamlessly view all the photos and memories across both platforms.

All you have to do is to go to Microsoft Store on your PC and update the Photos app. Next up, search and download iCloud for Windows apps. Next up, sign in to the iCloud app (on your PC) using the Apple credentials that you are using with your iPhone and that’s it.

iCloud Integration on Windows 11

All the photos, videos, and folders will be automatically synced without any hassle. Users will get their hands on all the photos that are backed up on iCloud so that even if you aren’t near your iPhone, you can still cherish your memories viewing those photos on your PC.

Microsoft has been working with the Cupertino-based giant Apple for integrating various features. It is extended support for native Apple apps supported on Windows such as the Apple TV and Apple Music that are likely to get their hands on the update soon.

The Windows Photos has received the update across all the users and the rollout should be completed by the end of this month. The UI has received a bump with a new gallery way that ensures ease of scrolling through loads of multimedia files without losing track.

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