Microsoft Corporation Announces Dividend of $0.68 Per Share

If you are a Microsoft Corporation shareholder, well, there’s news. The tech juggernaut has set the ex-dividend date on November 16 with a dividend of $0.68 per share. The dividend will be paid on December 8th as per the timeline.

The current dividend is trailing way behind the last dividend of $2.72 that was released last year. Here’s more information that should interest you.

Microsoft Ex-Dividend Date On November 16

According to the timeline, the ex-dividend will happen in the next four days i.e., November 16. Any investor buying more stocks on or after this date won’t get a pie of the dividend, which is scheduled to be released on December 8th.

It is because the date marks the event when a new purchase may not show up on the record books and, thus, not eligible for the dividend, which is set at $0.68 per share.

As per the news, the company announced a $0.68 dividend per share for the last 12 months. It disbursed a dividend of $2.72 per share last year with a total yield of 1.1% compared to the latest share price of $242.98.

The way companies pay out dividends is basically to distribute company earnings. It becomes unsustainable for companies when they pay more dividends than their profits. Microsoft Corporation has paid dividends consistently for the last decade, with $0.80 in 2012, followed by the last dividend of $2.72 per share in 2021.

Microsoft grew its EPS at 22% per year over the half of the decade, which is a good sign. Its earnings have grown immensely and with no notable falls during the last decade and a low payout ratio, the stocks of this tech juggernaut are often considered a great buy for dividends.

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