Latest Intel Driver Updates Boost Windows 10 System Performance

Intel announced new driver updates for Windows 10 systems, which are subjected to bring many improvements. These include bettering the YouTube video playback, solving the issue with several games by addressing their start-up and frame drops issues. Named as Intel DCH drivers version, these will be available for users running on Windows 10 1709 and above.

Intel Pushes Driver Updates to Windows 10

Windows 10 Intel Driver Update
Windows 10 Intel Driver Update

While Microsoft pushes updates for its Windows 10 PCs regularly, it needs support from the respective OEMs to run applications smoothly. As one such OEMs having its components at the core of PCs, Intel has announced the release of new driver updates for Windows 10 v1709 and later.

Named as Intel DCH driver and rolled out via Intel’s Support Assistant tool, the OEM mentioned that this update betters Chrome’s “YouTube Media Playback.” This is relevant as a Chromium bug report stated that systems running on Windows 10 version 2004 or newer are affected by Chrome’s issues.

It’s noted that “Google Chrome’s frequency of handling sensitive tasks responsible for video streaming, including YouTube videos.” Thus, this driver update should solve this, which means the users see improvements in video playback. Further, there are fixes for games like Crysis Remastered, which has been crashing after the Windows 10 October driver release.

Some graphics downturns in Doom Eternal, World of Warcraft, and performance issues in Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, Forza Horizon 4, and other games have patches in it.

Intel mentioned that this update supports CPUs running on generations 6 to 11th, including the Pentium and Celeron. If you’re interested, here’s Intel’s Driver & Support Assistant tool for updating.

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