Gamers Can Finally Upgrade To Windows 11 22H2 Easily

Last month, Windows 11 update 22H2 intercepted an issue with the game and app performance, whereas users found stuttering and lower performance onboard. Soon enough, Microsoft applied a safeguard compatibility lock carrying ID 41990091, preventing users from upgrading to 22H2.

Cut to now. Certainly, Microsoft has partially lifted the safeguard lock. Gamers affected by the lock will now be able to get their hands on Windows 11 22H2 updates on their devices. Here’s the story.

Microsoft Lifts Safeguard Lock Preventing Gamers From 22H2 Update

After the Windows 11 22H2 update, some users (dominantly gamers) face trouble with some apps and games, including stuttering and a dip in performance. Microsoft applied a safeguard compatibility lock 41990091, preventing users from upgrading to 22H2 and facing the same problems.

With the latest update stemming from Microsoft itself, the safeguard ID 41990091 has been lifted, albeit partially. Although the update won’t cover all the users, it will cover a subset of games that can upgrade to 22H2, possibly facing no issues.

Earlier, Microsoft recommended a workaround revolving around upgrading every affected app and game to bypass the issue. Now that the issue has been fixed by Microsoft, users can feel the need to upgrade to 22H2 with relative ease.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 22H2, you can get your hands on the update. If you upgraded before the lock was administered, you would have to wait for the update to intercept.

It isn’t recommended to go for Update Now or the Media Creation tool to get the update. It would take some time for the update to arrive. You can try triggering the update simply by restarting the device.

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