Death Stranding is coming on Xbox PC Game Pass on August 23

Well, if you haven’t played Death Stranding from Kojima Productions yet, it’s the right time to start playing. There’s good news: Kojima Productions and Microsoft have officially confirmed the entrant of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass on August 23rd.

With Death Stranding, including photo mode, ultrawide mode, cross-over content, and high frame rate, Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC gamers will get their hands on a lot with Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is coming on Xbox PC Game Pass on August 23

According to the official update from Microsoft Xbox and Kojima Productions, the genre-defying open-world action and adventure game Death Stranding is making itself available on PC Game Pass for Xbox on August 23, where players will get their hands on this game along with hundred other titles without breaking their banks.

The game arrived on Sony PlayStation 4 in 2019. In July 2019, it made its debut on Windows PC, retaining almost all the characteristics of the original PS4 game.

Coming to August 2022, Windows PC users will have access to high frame rates, photo modes, and ultrawide monitor support and will get cross-over content from well-known franchises as mentioned by 505 Games.

Death Stranding is coming on Xbox’ PC Game Pass on August 23

The Xbox PC Game Pass comes at a price tag of $9.99/mo for the unversed. It’s not just Death Stranding; you get access to hundreds of HQ PC games at the price of peanuts. The PC Game Pass for Windows sprung up after Microsoft released the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox.

Death Stranding is a game that belongs to a genre called stranding where you play the character of Sam Bridges, a deliveryman living in the United States, only it is a fully destroyed version of the country. The game cues social interactions for level-up, and that’s why it received much acclaim from gamers worldwide.

Publisher Kojima Productions has regarded the game as a ‘new one’ where it will leverage Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology. It will enable gamers to enjoy gaming without worrying about high graphics and processing requirements. There’s news around a sequel to Death Stranding as well. However, there’s not much known about it at the time of writing this.

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