10 Best Free File Manager for Windows 10 in 2021

Windows Operating System is the most used OS. There is a default file manager available in Windows 10, and most users use it to work easily with the file system. However, it comes with great features, but then also it misses out on some advanced features. To use something new, most of the users use third-party software of File Manager for Windows 10.

Are you the one looking for the best File Manager? Here we have provided a few software with amazing features like file viewer, history, dual-panes, FTP support, and more. Most of the features are not available in the default file manager, so here we are to make your experience much better.

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List of 10 Best Free File Manager for Windows 10 to use in 2021

File Explorer in Windows 10 is not the only way to access files on your system. There are different File Manager available that you can use. Here is the list of a few of the software to use.

1. FreeCommander

Free Commander

FreeCommander is a free file manager software for Windows 10. There is a dual-pane interface that allows you to view two different folders simultaneously, making it easy for you to copy or move files from one folder to another folder. It has a simpler user interface and has unique features like zipping and unzip file archives, rename batch, file comparison tool, split and combine files, and more. Apart from local files and folders, it can also open a network drive. However, there is no support for Cloud services.

2. ExplorerMax

Explorer Max

ExplorerMax file manager offers tab browsing and many other useful features. This software also has a dual-pane, a modern interface, speedy search, and more. It supports light and dark skin. Apart from this, it also does file zip or unzip, and batch rename. It also allows you to view particular files like images and documents. The only downside is, the UI might slow down your PC.

3. Explorer++


It is an open-source free file manager with amazing features like OneDrive integration, dual-pane to browse files, folder tabs, and more. You can bookmark the tabs and save the directory listing. The user interface is customizable, allowing you to use all the basic file operations like sorting, filtering, moving, and advanced features like merging and splitting files. It also allows you to change the dates of the files. It supports Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, and you don’t need to install this file manager as it is available as portable software.

4. Directory Opus

Directory Opus

It is an old-time file manager software that lets you select a single-pane or a double-pane view. Directory Opus also has a file tree, which helps you to find a specific file. One of the major features is the search option, it lets you search for the files easily from the lists. You can add tags and descriptions to each file and helps you to work with multiple files. To easily find out the right file, it allows you to assign indicators like colors, icons, and ratings. This software also supports metadata, as it allows renaming the files in batches, has in-built support for FTP. However, it is a paid software that gives a 30-day free trial and then you can upgrade it at $49.

5. Total Commander

Total Commander

Total Commander can be upgraded at $34.5 but before that, you can use it for free for 30 days. It is updated regularly and with each update, new features are added to it. If you want to transfer more files, then this is the best option. One of the best things is you can set the speed limit, check progress, pause, and resume transfers. For archives, multiple file formats are supported like ZIP, RAR, GZ, TAR, and more. If you want, you can install plug-ins for file formats that are not supported in this tool.

6. Q-dir (The Quad Explorer)


Q-dir offers something more than the dual-pane interface. It is also known as Quad Explorer. The main focus of this software is to deal with multiple folders at once. The default look can be changed as it looks like a collage of one file manager. One can easily change the number of panes and arrange it as they want. In every pane, users can create a folder. Moreover, you can also customize it. And, once you have arranged the pane, you can save it in a file so you can continue working on it even on another PC.

7. WinDirStat


With the help of WinDirStat, you can find out how much disk space is used and on what it is used. It also helps you out to check the statistics of your daily use. Also, there are cleanup tools for different Windows versions. WinDirStat examines any drive or directory which you chose and then show up all the files. According to the space taken by files, it displays color codes for each file. With this, you will be knowing which file is taking more space.

8. One Commander

One Commander

One Commander is a completely free software to use. It is well known for its advanced and attractive interface that has two different themes. For the dual-pane view, the column view of the tool is best. Moreover, it has features similar to other ‘commander’ file managers that make it useful for you to work with other lists. Other features are, the address bar displays all the sub-folders, the history panel makes it easy to search earlier files, supports integrated preview of audio, video, and text files.

9. FileVoyager

File Voyager

File Voyager offers some great features like renaming, copying, moving, deleting, recycling, and dual-pane layout. And it is very easy to transfer files between folders. It has a portable version that supports shortcuts to default folders. Apart from this, it is very easy to access file compressing tool, email documents via shortcuts, and more. You can also view the size of the file or a folder.

10. XYplorer


XYplorer offers major features like supporting tabs, and each tab are assigned with configuration. For smooth navigation, it has a folder tree on the left side of the screen. The mini tree feature lets you search between paths and directories that are used earlier. It also has a feature to identify duplicate files. The search function can be used in the address bar. However, this software is not free to use but has a 30-days free trial.

If you have a good file manager for your Windows 10, it will be easy for you to handle all the files. So, these are some of the Best File Managers for Windows 10 that might be helpful to you.

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