Zach Jones: A Struggling US Marine Corps Veteran Gets a Dream Job at Microsoft

Zach Jones, a US Marine Corps veteran, has just achieved his dream of joining Microsoft. He worked as a Motor Transport Operator in the Marines and has lived for over three years in his car before getting a Microsoft job. He struggled hard and completed a lengthy interview to be appointed as a support engineer now.

Man Gets a Dream Job at Microsoft

Zach Jones
Zach Jones

Usually, early veterans of armed forces try other jobs after their retirement. While some try easier job coaching in the same field, others head out to follow their passion, even if it’s late. Zach Jones is one such guy who worked hard to get his dream job after working for the US Marine Corps.

Since the armed forces have early retirement restrictions for those in combating discipline, they move out to try other things once released. Zach Jones, who worked at US Marine corps as a Motor Transport Operator, has tried driving commercial trucks for a while.

This didn’t earn him much since he lived out of his car for over three years, studying for the things he wanted to achieve. After a lengthy interview process at Microsoft, he was now appointed as a Support Engineer.

He initially tried starting his own company but had to struggle to live with short resources. His situation has become even worse this year due to the pandemic. He said,

Transitioning was difficult. I wasn’t mentally prepared to go back into the general population and had a very difficult time adjusting to non-regimented life. Around the time that I started driving trucks commercially, I started going through a lot of difficult times in my personal life as well.”

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