Winodws 10X Runs Fine on Apple M1 MacBook and Lumia 950 XL Phone

The developer who ran Windows 10X on Intel-powered MacBooks earlier has now tried the same on Apple’s M1 based MacBook. The result was seemingly fine, and smooth since the Windows 10X is made to run on ARM-based devices. Also, some have made it running on Lumia 950 XL phone and on Microsoft’s Surface Go.

Windows 10X on Apple M1 MacBook

What started as a side project to power dual-screen devices has now grown into a big thing, and is the most desired update for everyone this year. The Windows 10X, which is Microsoft’s take on Google’s ChromeOS is nearing the public launch after years in making.

What’s called a final beta build of Windows 10X was leaked earlier, and some have tried it already, with few running on non-native devices. The Windows 10X is a stripped-down variant of the actual Windows 10 OS, that’s actually planned for powering dual-screen devices like smartphones or tablets.

Since it’s lighter, it may miss some features like the support to Win32 apps and multitasking support. Yet, it’s crafted we’ll go have modern look and have all the necessary elements. This was tried by a developer called @imbushuo on Apple’s Intel-powered MacBook earlier, through QEMU virtualization.

Since that worked well, it’s now tested on Apple’s new M1 based MacBook, since the Windows 10X was made to run on ARM-based devices. And it did! It has been smooth and perfect through virtualization software and may run better in native devices when launched.

Also, some have tried Windows 10X on Lumia 950 XL phone, which to is made on an ARM chip, and resulted successfully. Others have tried the same leaked OS on Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet, giving the expected output. Now it’s all about the official launch time we’re waiting for, to see how well this run.

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