Windows 7 is Still Used by Over 20% People, Statistics Reveal

No one would have thought that a regular update from Microsoft will become such a hit. We’re here talking about Windows 7, which is still the most liked system OS for many. Though Microsoft ended support for it in all ways possible, there are a significant number of people still using it, even today, says the latest statistics.

Windows 7: The Most Liked System OS

Microsoft introduced Windows 7 to the community in 2009 and ended supplying new features to it in 2015, as per its timeline. It has continued to pass security fixes till January last year and has only been giving Extended Security Updates for enterprises.

Ever since pulling its plug off, Microsoft, just as other cybersecurity companies have been warning users about the potential security risks, and been recommending them to update their systems to the latest version, Windows 10. There are still a significant number of users who realize the risks of running on an outdated OS but still use Windows 7!


As per the latest statistics of NetMarketShare, about 21% of users are still running on Windows 7, with a decrease of 10% from last year’s January. At StatCounter, Windows 7 users contribute 17.6% of the current total Windows PCs market, 25.56% less than the January 2020 share.

These numbers are on par with the US government’s 18.9% share recorded in total Windows OS running PCs today, where Windows 10 has about 75.8% total market share.

Possible reasons for this are either some are limited by old hardware resources and need to buy a new PC if wanted to onboard Windows 10. Else, they should be addicted to the UI and UX of Windows 7 and cannot get over it. Whatever, they still recommend upgrading to Windows 10, which is still being offered for free!

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