Windows 11 New Update Add Greater Control Over Processes and Files

File Explorer on Windows OS has been around for generations and gets more powerful every year. With the upcoming second update of Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft will finally add the functionality to create tabs on File Explorer that you can use pretty much the same as tabs on Google Chrome.

But this introduces a problem when deleting a file used by a program since you can’t delete it. Say no more as Microsoft is already on it with a PowerToys update.

Windows adds greater control over processes using the files

For context, you can create, rename, delete, add, or do whatever you wish with files on File Explorer. However, in case a particular file is being used by a program (say in the background), Windows prevents you from deleting that file as it can crash the whole program.

Although it acts as a measure to prevent users from accidentally deleting a locked file, it is certainly what a subset of users are trying to do – delete the file irrespective of whether the program crashing or not.

Windows adds greater control over processes using the files

With the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 second update on the way, Windows is adding a feature called ‘File Locksmith’. Once you get it, you can left-click on a file in the File Manager to reveal the context menu and select ‘What’s using this file?’.

As part of the PowerToys update, the feature will trigger a dialog box that gives you information on all the programs and processes using the said file. It should be enough to give you an idea of why you are unable to delete the said file.

Apart from finding out what’s using the file, you will get features to ‘End Task’ right there as well as rename or move the file right from the PowerToys feature without any hassle.

The feature will arrive with the second Windows 11 22H2 update. It will be released as a beta feature of PowerToys in a few weeks as well.

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