Windows 11 Taskbar Size Can be Changed as Desired

The leaked Windows 11 build since earlier this week has triggered many to update their base OS or use virtual machines to try how it is.

And those who did, aren’t disappointed though. Few found out some new features and design changes in Windows 11, and one of the interesting things among them is the ability to change Taskbar size.

Flexible Taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 Taskbar Size Can be Changed as Desired

While we expected some features of the upcoming Windows OS may leak before its official launch, we’re surprised by the leak of the whole ISO image of it! Earlier this week, posts sharing the unofficial ISO build of Windows 11 shook the community.

While we believe this build to be the original and be announced officially next week, we learned about an interesting feature that’s worth sharing – flexible sizes of Taskbar.

The Taskbar in Windows 10 is already capable of shifting edges on all four sides, but in Windows 11, it can be resized too! While there’s no dedicated option for this yet, the Taskbar can be resized to small, medium, and large variants through Windows Registry Editor.

  1. For this, go to Start Menu and find Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  3. Here, make a new DWORD entry named “TaskbarSi“.
  4. Now, open the entry and change the values to modify the Taskbar size. You may try “0” for small, “1” for medium, and “2” for large.
  5. That’s it. Type in the desired value, close the Registry Editor, and open the File Explorer to see the changes.

By default, Windows 11 Taskbar will be of medium size, housing all the icons. Changing it to small may feel like in Windows 10, and large to be ugly, but suitable for tablets. Also, the Taskbar has slight animation added in Windows 11, where closing an app will move all the icons towards the left smoothly.

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