Windows 11 to Get CCleaner-like App to Curb Slow PCs

Windows is one of the best-operating systems (OS) that lets you customize stuff to a great extent. However, it isn’t that pro in handling software especially when you have used an app or program or uninstalled one.

Registry entries and temporary files can accumulate on the PC making it slower than usual and that’s where PC optimizers such as CCleaner come into play.

However, it seems like Microsoft is finally bringing up a built-in PC optimizer app similar to CCleaner that will get you better performance. Here’s the story.

Windows 11 to Gain a CCleaner-like PC Optimizer Tool

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is developing a PC optimizer tool dubbed “PC Manager” that will do the hard work. Available as a public beta, the PC Manager works similarly to CCleaner where you can get rid of temporary files which accumulate as and when you continue using the PC.

PC-Manager-for-WindowsAlthough these temp files may seem small with many running just a couple of kilobytes in size, Windows accumulates these files over time which eventually leads to degraded performance unless you get rid of such files and release clogged-up resources.

Some of the popular options available today are using PC optimizers like CCleaner, deleting files found on ‘Prefetch’, ‘temp’, and ‘%temp%’ folders accessible via Windows + R command.

The PC Manager has a few features that we are mentioning here. It will assist with computer maintenance helping users get rid of temp files and registries. There’s a sub-feature to disable startup apps thereby enhancing startup time on any Windows 11-powered PCs.

Windows 11 Temporary Files

Next up, the PC Manager will take care of the storage and optimize it wherever possible. It will scan for viruses using Defender. Additionally, it will check for Windows updates as well.

Talking about the timeline of its availability, the app is not a part of Windows 11 Version 22H2. It is unclear when it will become available for the general public and if it is available for manual downloads or not at the time of writing this.

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