Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’ App Now Let Users to Stream Multiple Android Apps

As spotted by the Windows Latest, Microsoft has pushed support to run your phone app’s multiple apps in Windows 10. To date, the Your Phone app would run, or say, stream only one app at a time from the users’ Samsung-only handsets. Also, Microsoft may soon let other Android phones support this app.

Windows 10 Your Phone app Can Run Multiple Apps.

Windows 10 'Your Phone' App Now Let Users to Stream Multiple Android AppsObserving that many users are shuttling between their phones and PCs to get some things done, Microsoft has ultimately decided to let users access their phones without having them actually. While emulation software does the same by streaming apps, having a native app provided by the maker is always good.

Thus, Microsoft came up with the Your Phone app in 2018, and it has a lot of room to develop. The Your Phone app is developed in collaboration with Samsung, giving their phones the advantage of trying this support early. Only a few high-end Samsung models are supporting this, and so are limited.

Now, Microsoft has pushed new support to the Windows 10 Your Phone app, which lets Samsung users stream not just one but also three Android apps simultaneously. This is helpful as if switching between apps needs them closing frequently; it’s useless. This support will be available to everyone, rolling out gradually.

Also, Microsoft is reportedly working on Project Latte, which aims to bring this support to all Android handsets. This is based on Windows Subsystem for Linux and has already been updated with GPU acceleration support and GUI apps. This support for everyone is expected by the end of 2021.

What Microsoft does through this Your Phone is more of streaming, as you can check out notifications, send text messages, and a few more. With Project Latte, users can even sideload APKs on their systems.

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