Windows 10 Updated Task Manager Shows Statistics While Gaming

Microsoft is found to be redesigning the Task Manager in Windows 10, where it’s now showing the performance statistics of your games and other processes without leaving the game. This new Task Manager is earlier tested with Windows Insiders, and now rolling to select users. It’s built into Xbox to let the user check the statistics from the Widgets Menu.

New Task Manager is Built Into Windows 10 Xbox

The Task Manager in Windows (or in Mac) is a great feature letting users track the performance of the app. Users can see what apps are running in the background and how much resources are being consumed. The statistics shown in Task Manager includes details of the network, CPU/GPU usage, and memory/disk consumption.

Users can also check their internet connection speeds with graphs and more technical details. While it’s so helpful for tracking, it’s often hard for PC gamers to check their GPU consumption or other statistics. This is because they have to come out or pause the game to open up Task Manager, to view the stats.

But now, making it easier for them to access, Microsoft has embedded the Task Manager in supported apps in Windows 10. This includes the Xbox Gaming app, Chrome, and Edge browser. While this revamped Task Manager was in a trail for Windows Insiders till now, it’s now rolling to non-Insiders, but to select users.


Select users in production channels of Windows 10 v2004 v1909 or v1903 will receive this, with all following soon. Some have reported seeing this redesigned feature, also renamed as “Resources Monitor” in the Widgets Menu of Xbox Game bar, after updating it from the Microsoft Store.

This would let users check the resources consumption without leaving the game. All they need to do is pressing the Win + G to have this Task Manager their screen. With few users trying this now already, we expect this to be rolled out to everyone by the end of November.

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