Windows 10 to Get a New Video and GIF Editing Tool

Microsoft is found to be making a new tool for easier screen recording in Windows 10. Termed as the Video GIF Capture, it is more like the Snip and Sketch one which is currently available, and would let users record a video of the screen to make a video or GIF at the end. Users can also edit the final recording with basic options like the quality and length of it. May this is a toggle option need to be enabled when released.

Native Screen Recording Tool in Windows 10

As seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft is preparing a native video recording and editing tool in the upcoming PowerToys update. Though Microsoft is having an inbuilt screen recorder for capturing the Xbox games, it’s still aimed at gamers. So to make it reachable to everyone, the latest efforts are coming soon.

Windows 10 video editing tool
Windows 10 video editing tool

The new lightweight tool called “Video GIF Capture” is probably be activated through a toggle in settings, will have a similar interface as the Snipping tool. Also, the new recorder and editor will work in a similar fashion. Upon waking up the tool, it shows in a small menu box similar to the Snip and Sketch tool, with an arrow to let users draw on the screen the desired part to be recorded.

Cropping the required area will immediately start recording the part of the screen (or entire screen) until the users pause or stop it. It will then be taken to the editor box, where users can edit the length, quality, and the type of output they want. Interestingly, the output can be set to GIF to make it a repeating video.

The shortcut to start this tool is by pressing and holding the Win + Shift + R keys. This feature introduction eliminates the need for installing third-party screen recording and editing apps for basic jobs. Microsoft aims to offer an “efficient recording” experience, is working more to make it better. It’s looking for feedback from using PowerToys users.

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