March 29, 2023

Windows 10 Search Box Gets Adaptive UI and Bing Wallpapers

Microsoft is seen making changes to its Search box in Windows 10, as it now adapts to the device it’s being used in. Also, it’s now replacing the Quick Searches section in the Start Menu with “Bing image of the day” wallpaper, making it slightly colourful. This will be refreshed daily, and an update with these changes may come soon.

Windows 10 Search Bar Gets Adaptive Design

As per Windows Latest Reports, Microsoft is turning its Search box to adapt its size to its running device. The redesign will let the Search box fit accordingly, as the size of the box opened on the desktop will not be feasible on laptops or tablets. Since it occupied more space when opened, it obscures some features like Bing’s image reverse lookup feature at the bottom.

Windows 10 Search Box
Windows 10 Search Box

While users can scroll down to check this feature, it’s still unwanted work. Thus, making them fit according to the display size will let the user access everything it has. While this becomes an automated setup, it should be known that Microsoft lets users set the size of both the Search box and Start Menu manually!

Windows 10 Search Box
Windows 10 Search Box

Users can open the Start Menu and set the mouse pointer on the corner of the window, which shows up the resizing pointer that could be dragged.

Setting Start Menu automatically tunes the Search box accordingly. Besides a redesigned Search box, the report also talks about bringing Bing’s wallpaper to Start Menu. Microsoft sets the “Bing image of the day” wallpaper in the Windows 10 Start Menu, right over the Quick Searches section, which displays weather, time, etc.

Bing picks these images from its best collection, will be refreshed every day.

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